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29) Through this second pattern of divergence from the Chronicles, to the composite rebel of 1450 and 1381 is added a further dimension, which guarantees much popular appeal: in this rowdiest incarnation, Jack Cade becomes that ancient delight, the carnival tradition's Lord of Misrule.
Cabo San Lucas is considered by many to be the true center of Los Cabos, and this is where you'll find more young California tourists and the rowdiest nightlife.
Cassidy is also right to argue that many of the rowdiest boosters were utterly compromised.
One of the oldest and rowdiest of seafaring customs -- although it has been toned down aboard HMC ships in recent years, particularly since the infamous Airborne hazing video was made public -- it is an occasion for elaborate horse play as green hands, novices and tadpoles (in short, those who have never crossed the equator before) are initiated into the "Mystic Rites of the Freedom of the Seas, according to the Ancient Customs of King Neptune and his Watery Realm.
As the dust settles after Zambia's rowdiest election in its nearly 40 years as an independent democracy, newly-sworn in President Levy Mwanawasa has picked up the reins to a rumbustious and potentially uncooperative steed.
It is a fair bet that the rowdiest cheers of the evening will be for the legends of 15 years ago arguably the finest Sky Blues team of them all who defeated Spurs 3-2 to win the FA Cup at Wembley.
Whaling stations accommodated both the rowdiest and most profligate of men, and those who aspired to and in some cases eventually achieved the refined gentility of the middle classes.
The victory prompted the rowdiest portion of a homecoming crowd of 11,621 to bring down the uprights at the east end of the field.
This in explicitness serves an important function: the film becomes a cunning trap for homophobic teenagers in the audience, for whom Stick, throughout the film's first two-thirds, is the most obvious identif ication-figure, the most seemingly extrovert, the most active, the rowdiest.
Still, this relatively small beach on Manatee Avenue remains one of the rowdiest, most engaging spots for locals who live beyond the reaches of Sarasota's sands.
When a prosecuting attorney asked Margaret Brennan if it was true that she was the rowdiest woman in Kilkenny, she replied, "What's it to you?