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Before Gonzalez, two unidentified massage therapists have stepped forward to say that Travolta came on to them during rub downs this past January in Beverly Hills and Atlanta, respectively.
Spots of rust have started to appear Rub down with sandpaper or wire brush Spray two or three coats of Plasti-Kote Good as new.
I used to work at Swan Hunter and we would have to rub down the raw asbestos and paint it.
Give yourself a rub down afterwards to get rid of excess tan lotion and make sure you exfoliate your skin the night before a treatment for best results.
Maybe in the morning I might be a bit stiff but I'll have a rub down and hopefully score a few more runs.
Strip off all the old fabric and rub down the wooden frame.
The Hearts players were booked into a Troon hotel for the afternoon so they could have a sleep, a rub down and a cup of tea.