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I see him on the same pages of the fan magazines my daughter reads, so I know that he and Brit must rub elbows somewhere, given the normal activities pictured in these bastions of truth.
CHARLES BUSCH, AL PACINO, JANE FONDA, Gina Gershon, Jason Priestley--the Sundance Film Festival is the place to rub elbows with gay and gay-friendly stars.
Their recent trip to Detroit enabled Marining and Keast to rub elbows with car designers, parts manufacturers, suppliers and technical staff from all over the world to study what products companies are testing how these components perform.
And those of us who won't be jetting in to rub elbows with the art-world grandees can be consoled: When it comes to the masters of less, less may still be more.
Instead, she'll rub elbows with the rich and famous in Martha's Vineyard from August 19 to 27, then four days in Skaneateles from August 30 through September 3.
At these conferences, members make important career connections, participate in developmental seminars and rub elbows with the likes of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (as they did last year).
Our viewers, who are as down with Freddy as they are Fall Out Boy, will be able to celebrate the sinister and the shocking, and get the chance to see their favorite recording artist rub elbows with the infamous freaks, villains and victims of the big screen.
Besides, the process also forces the office-hopping politicians to run real campaigns and rub elbows with their would-be constituents, rather than simply rely on the awesome advantage of incumbency.
The most difficult because if you aim to rub elbows with her challenge it becomes excitingly and depressingly difficult to know what you are doing.