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I was very lucky in my twenties to be able to spend a lot of time with Donald Trump and a lot of it rubbed off on me," said Mr.
The Oakland vibe rubbed off on the recording, no doubt about that, which was a good thing.
His grandmother's folk medicine was making it worse; her tree-and-leaf paste rubbed off his healing skin.
And the magic rubbed off, as Adam bagged two goals for his junior team yesterday.
The lesson rubbed off, I believe, at least to some degree, on most of the Catholic church-goers of my time.
DAVID James's goalkeeping skills have clearly rubbed off on Richard Wright at the England training camp.
Once the scales are rubbed off, they don't grow back.
When flies clambered up the pedestal grooves and bumped against the collar, the goo on their backs rubbed off on this ring.
Pacific Ethanol: With crude prices declining steadily during the past couple of sessions, some of the shine has rubbed off of Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ:PEIX).
People are being positive about English cricket and that's rubbed off on the players, but there are five days ahead of us now and the question is can we replicate it?