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So we think there's a bit of Rooney rubbed off on the boot.
US actress Lisa Kudrow said that her Friend's character's optimism rubbed off on her.
As I sit here watching the Dodgers play the surprisingly scrappy Marlins, it dawns on me that the NL Manager of the Year Award should go hands-down to Florida's Joe Girardi, the rookie skipper whose personality has rubbed off on what was supposed to be a hopelessly young team that had no chance to compete.
But he was horrified to find that, despite being written in permanent ink, most of the autograph had rubbed off while he played the guitar.
THE Bank of England was today reissuing the new pounds 5 notes whose release was suspended when it was found serial numbers rubbed off.
Clunkers or not, it was apparent that the Wranglers and cowboy hats had rubbed off.
Customers had been complaining about the fact that the chalk was often rubbed off or came off in the rain, so I decided to solve the problem," he says.
Try This: In the fall, look for bare spots on small trees where bucks have rubbed off the bark.
The new information: Some of the lubricant added in 1982 to the pins' receptacles to reduce friction apparently rubbed off during four or more cross-country trips between JPL and the Kennedy Space Flight Center in Florida, Ausman says.