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A TEENAGER who has rubbed shoulders with world leaders at the G8 Summit will now represent Wales in an international debating championship.
A STUNTMAN who has rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood's leading stars is celebrating after scooping a pounds 7m lottery windfall.
Highlights of the 10-mile event in Portsmouth, as thousands of fun runners rubbed shoulders with some of the world's finest middle-distance athletes.
Every time we see Lozano's work the need arises to see more, not only toward a view of the fertile contamination that occurred as disparate movements rubbed shoulders (and more) below Fourteenth Street, but because we discover something of Lozano herself--her doubt, her dry wit, her anger, her intelligence, her importance, her struggle, and her marginality.
At Saturday's Pets and People Health Fair, sponsored by the Valencia Wellness Center, pet adoption agencies rubbed shoulders with herbal supplements and video guides to doggie shiatsu.
At an awards ceremony in London last Thursday, she rubbed shoulders with well-known names including Cherie Blair and Goodness Gracious Me star Nina Wadia.
Not since Chaucer collected characters for The Canterbury Tales have secular and sacred personalities and events rubbed shoulders so closely as in Roccasalvo's next novel, Portrait of a Woman.
The book is at its best when depicting the careers of men like the founder of the Humboldt Associations, Emil Ro[beta]m[ddot{a}][beta]ler, a zoology professor who lost his job and was jailed for treason due to his involvement in the revolutions of 1848, only to become a leader of the free-religious movement and one of the best-paid lecturers on the popular science circuit by the 1860s, when he briefly rubbed shoulders with Bebel and Lassalle in Leipzi g's workers' education associations--or when tracing links between Protestant and Catholic reform associations attempting to reconcile Christian belief with popular science in a common response to evolutionary theory.