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Also the Head Boolywag of his Majesty, known as Chick the Cherub, and their faithful friend Para Bruin, the rubber bear.
what a queer lot of people you are," exclaimed the rubber bear, looking at the assembled company.
The rubber was conducted with all that gravity of deportment and sedateness of demeanour which befit the pursuit entitled
The anti-race-suicide enthusiast with the rubber rings did not call Lord Dawlish Bill, but otherwise his manner was intimate.
After six rubbers the general got up, saying that it was no use playing like that, and Pierre was released.
But she did not succeed, for as she stood warming her rubbers at the dining-room fire, wondering pensively as she did so if Maria Bailey had small feet, and if Tom ever put her rubbers on for her, the little overshoes were taken out of her hands, and Tom's voice said, reproachfully, "Did you really mean to run away, and not let me go home with you?
said Tom, flapping the rubbers about without any signs of haste.
Tom saw it, flushed all over his brown face, and dropping the rubbers with a crash, took her hands, saying, in his old impetuous way, "Polly, I want to tell you something
Mr Swiveller and his partner played several rubbers with varying success, until the loss of three sixpences, the gradual sinking of the purl, and the striking of ten o'clock, combined to render that gentleman mindful of the flight of Time, and the expediency of withdrawing before Mr Sampson and Miss Sally Brass returned.
I am your friend, and I hope we shall play many more rubbers together in this same saloon.
These rubbers,' said Mr Swiveller, putting on his nightcap in exactly the same style as he wore his hat, 'remind me of the matrimonial fireside.
In the course of our measurement effort, one interesting question was raised: Are rubber compounds softer at elevated temperatures?