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g] is important; however, one of the advantages of DMA experiments is measuring the modulus as a function of temperature, including, for thermosetting polymers, the rubbery region above the [T.
Well I did say it was dreadful - but so is rubbery chicken, which these days is what you seem to get served every time you go to a corporate lunch in Birmingham - and I do mean EVERY time.
Benefits include the ability for processors to achieve a rubbery, tactile feel for grip and overmolding applications; a dull, matte finish; excellent tensile strength, and good impact resistance.
The two flavors that were low enough in saturated fat and sodium--Teriyaki Style and Italian Style--were tough and rubbery.
Karea omelettes are quick and easy to reheat in all types of oven, including microwaves, and are guaranteed to remain tender and not become rubbery, they reckon.
The products' rubbery nature is suited to the production of discrete protection products, while they also provide an alternative to traditional non-elastic materials that can irritate the wearer's skin.
Several readers have complained that their chickens layed eggs with rubbery yolks.
In a summer filled with bone-head bonanzas about big rocks colliding with the Earth and a rubbery uber-lizard terrorizing New York, it is refreshing that Clockwatchers has wandered its way into being a minor hit.
Overheating can oxidize some of the raw materials used in pattern waxes, causing the wax to be brittle or rubbery, depending on the formulation.
com/research/e9a5d9/thermal_analysis_o) has announced the addition of Rapra Technology Ltd's new report "Thermal Analysis of Rubbers and Rubbery Materials" to their offering.
The ballistics tests suggest that the material's parallel layers of glassy and rubbery ingredients enhance its bullet-stopping power by 30 percent, a team reports November 6 in Nature Communications.
But mostly it was filled with Varone's sensuous, athletic syntax and driving energy, tumbling-yet-precise movements, and rubbery torsos.