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Collins repeated, rubbing his foot back and forth still more roughly.
But while he pounded the one hand, he never ceased from rubbing his nose and cheeks with the other.
He plodded on with bowed head, unobservant, mechanically rubbing nose and cheeks, and batting his steering hand against the gee-pole in the straight trail-stretches.
Clinging to the gee-pole with his right band and with his left rubbing cheeks and nose, he stumbled over the rope as the dogs swung on a bend.
I only wanted you to see my metamorphosis," he said ruefully, and I imagined he was rubbing his hurts.
There lay the Ghost, bow on to the beach, her splintered bowsprit projecting over the sand, her tangled spars rubbing against her side to the lift of the crooning waves.
It is,' replied the driver, rubbing himself as if he ached, after throwing the reins to the ostler.
If he looked another way, it was worse to feel that she was rubbing her cheek, or twitching her ear, or winking her eye, or making all kinds of extraordinary shapes with her nose, than to see her do it.
From rubbing his nose with the ruler, to poising it in his hand and giving it an occasional flourish after the tomahawk manner, the transition was easy and natural.
Rub THE rubbing system goes like this: rub palms together until soap is bubbly, then rub each palm over the back of the other hand, and then rub between your fingers on each hand.
In the wild the critically endangered primates use the vegetables as an insect repellent, by rubbing them all over their bodies.