rubbing away

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Pickwick, rubbing away with all his might, and gazing intently through his spectacles--'I can discern a cross, and a 13, and then a T.
May's strategy of rubbing away a few rough edges might lessen the vandalisation, but it will never successfully eliminate grievous damage to jobs and security.
Later he would incise the tooth from dot to dot with his knife, leaving fine trenches that he would later fill with lampblack or maybe just soot and a little water, rubbing away the excess to leave the final image in the tiny trenches.
He got the infection after rubbing away scabs on the bottom of his foot.
For instance, while exploring the Field with Irises near Arles painting, users learn about the work of the restorer in rubbing away layers of varnish.
I can see the hands of those vulture lawyers rubbing away already.
a rubbing away occurs during the wanderings of a jellyfish,
Rubbing away backpack agony To speed up recovery, massage a capsicum and ginger cream into the area.
To serve Remove pork conflict from lard or duck fat, rubbing away as
It's true not everything works (the first half of what threatened to become a Ken Dodd-length show at the Empire flagged a little towards the interval while some flights of fancy never really took off) but the shaggy-haired comedian is undeterred, snatching at the next idea, turning it over like Gollum with a ring, and rubbing away until he finds something peculiarly precious.
By rubbing away the line drawn in haste in the last gasps of the British Empire by Sir Cyril Radcliffe, the South Asians could resolve the Kashmir question for good.
Dab off with a tissue, sprinkle with neat bicarbonate of soda and leave to dry before rubbing away with a stiff brush.