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Both men were ecstatic at the prospect of Rowdy gracing the event along with potentially her Four Horsewomen in Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir rubbing elbows with the original Four Horsemen of WWE.
And besides, no one can complain that Villaraigosa isn't spending enough time rubbing elbows with the L.
RUBBING ELBOWS "At the School of Rock premiere, I got to meet Dave Groul, the drummer from Foo Fighters.
He will be rubbing elbows with other tourists when he flies with his crew to Palma, via Madrid, to take part in a yacht race.
Steven will be out in full force beginning June 21 through June 25 interviewing bands, signing autographs, and rubbing elbows with fans in the fuse lounge/booth.
However, Pacquiao isn't the only rubbing elbows with the biggest names in the entertainment industry.