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These included trying out the kunik, the Inuit practice of rubbing noses to greet each other; entering an igloo, which Parry likened to 'being in a house of ground glass', and experiencing the pain caused by the Arctic sun reflecting off the snow.
They tend to be a bit too pin-sharp at times and my passenger almost ended up rubbing noses with the windscreen more than once.
He's rubbing noses here with a childhood friend who just happens to be a don in the Miami hadrosaur mafia.
The New Zealand government warned its Maori citizens Wednesday not to perform the traditional welcome of rubbing noses when dozens of Chinese delegates visit soon to attend a sister cities convention in Masterton, near the capital Wellington, after concerns they could contract a deadly pneumonia.
On a first visit to the site the stablecam showed life inside the box inhabited by Royale Exit, who was rubbing noses with Netazi in the adjoining box.
You can watch them playing, fighting, eating, rubbing noses, and barking warnings to each other.