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So she went shopping in London's Sloane Street with hours to go - and scored a stunning checked coat-dress fit for rubbing shoulders with royalty.
The English upper classes invented "amateurism" in the mid-nineteenth century to avoid rubbing shoulders with the lower orders on the playing field.
At this point, liberals who are weary of PC pieties but have not enjoyed rubbing shoulders with the intellectually bankrupt Commentary/Olin Foundation gang may feel like doing a little jig: how sweet it is to watch "their" issue blow up in the neocons' faces.
But beyond improved proximity to its West Coast clients, iProspect will also be rubbing shoulders with its Isobar U.
shou mi w t Now he has joined United, rubbing shoulders every day with mid-ranking football players.
Fancy rubbing shoulders with the stars without paying the glitzy Venetian hotel rates?
VARIOUS Southern Rock Uprising (Classic Rock) " THE success of Kid Rock's All Summer Long, which samples Lynyrd Skynyrd, has reignited interest in the confederate cause and this compilation, free with the Summer edition of Classic Rock magazine, finds old-stagers Molly Hatchet and Black Oak Arkansas rubbing shoulders with young guns such as Black Stone Cherry, whose Hell And High Water teeters on the edge of heavy rock, and Willie Stradlin's Living For The Weekend, which injects Bon Jovi pop.
So for a splendid occasion all round rubbing shoulders with the stars of today and tomorrow, book a table of 12 for Monday, March 10, at pounds 850, available from Malcolm Dix on 07718 448 057.
Regional co-ordinator Geoff Clack said: "The students who are competing in the finals will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Damon Hill and Eddie Jordan - something enthusiasts dream of.
And the mocked-up Buckingham Palace 'Royal' gathering has the likes of Kurt Cobain and Bono rubbing shoulders with ex Bedworth schoolboy Pete Doherty, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.
THE Taoiseach will find himself rubbing shoulders with, shaking the hand and praising the talents of a certain Ray Burke next Wednesday night in the National Library of Ireland.

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