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(32.) They are rare in the Psalter because each verse begins with the rubricator's initial in red or blue.
This rare variation helps to confirm that the same rubricator finished the Bestiaire in booklet 3 and the Colors text in booklet 7.
Zicca impicta Ayacucho, Junin, Huanuco, Pasco, Loreto, Cajamarca, Amazonas y San Martin Zicca pacificae Amazonas Zicca rubricator rubricator Ucayaly, Huanuco, Amazonas, Loreto, Pasco, Junin, Madre de Dios, Cusco, San Martin Zicca signoreti Huanuco, Loreto, Pasco, Junin, Madre de Dios, San Martin y Cajamarca Zicca taeniola Tumbes Zicca paramerana Junin, Huanuco, Madre de Dios ANEXO 2
Indeed, I think that the work of the rubricator suggests that precisely this has happened: perhaps paying little (or no) attention to the content of the work and 'reading' the structure of the text only from the main scribe's layout, the rubricator seems to have painted the capital on page 166 line 24 as if it marked a major subdivision of the 'Exhortation' and the capital at the beginning of the 'Summons' as if it were the start of a new work.
The probability that the rubricator misinterpreted the structure of the Rewards of Piety and left CCCC 201 with a text which misled future readers certainly suggests that an Anglo-Saxon audience would very probably have had some difficulty sorting out the structure of the Rewards, too.
Indeed, the rubricator who added the incipits in the Textura hand also apparently viewed Havelok as another saint's life, for he titled it a vita.
The rubricator who titled Havelok as a vita places primacy on Havelok's rule over England, calling him first King of England and then of Denmark.
Sections of the following story are marked in the margins with the indications, "example de echo" (appearing twice on folio 17v) and "example de narciso." The rubricator also indicates the exemplary nature of other actions in the text.(60)
Moreover, Scribe B styled himself the rubricator and finishing artist for this two-part manuscript produced by another scribe.
He served as 'editor' of the manuscript and did much of the writing, but some of the work he subcontracted to other scribes and rubricators." Shonk, "Study of the Auchinleck Manuscript," 73.
The two decorated initials on the page, a three-line-height T at the beginning of the Prologue heading after the Exordium and a similar S at the beginning of the Albina text proper, are both monochromatic blue, with red pen flourish done by a rubricator, not the limner.
Herein readers will encounter household names such as Caxton, Pynson, and de Worde; however, they will also come away with many new and startling points of understanding related to the world of printers and readers who, in league with scribes, rubricators, and illuminators, reimagined and reinvented an industry in which all ultimately profited.