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165 (poetic line 16) where a capital wynn has been entered by the rubricator into a similarly sized space.
He perhaps did not read Scribe B's book as finely as Scribe B read Scribe As book, but he does seem respectfully allied with Scribe B's codi-cological activity--as color chemist, rubricator, and possible binder.
The topic of Scribe B as rubricator will be dealt with in my future study of the other two manuscripts.
The rubricator who titled Havelok as a vita places primacy on Havelok's rule over England, calling him first King of England and then of Denmark.
As a result, whether the rubricator intended it or not, Havelok's rule over Denmark appears only as an afterthought.
The two decorated initials on the page, a three-line-height T at the beginning of the Prologue heading after the Exordium and a similar S at the beginning of the Albina text proper, are both monochromatic blue, with red pen flourish done by a rubricator, not the limner.
Especially in later folios of the manuscript, the scribe's hand often looks similar to the rubricator's, and it is possible that Rubricator 2 was the scribe.
The first three quires of the original manuscript (excluding the table of contents), comprising folios 6-29, were rubricated by the hand I am calling Rubricator 1, whose graph of the letter y is distinctive, like a thorn without the ascender, and whose paraph marks imitate the finial style of the red and blue initials, with lines that terminate in a delicate rounding.
The second time that Rubricator 1 comes to a scribal miscue, the omission of chapter 51 on folio 22r, again at a quire changeover, we get a glimpse of collaboration of some kind with Rubricator 2.
The chapter headings and paraphs in the three quires by Rubricator 1 feature a hand with disciplined vertical aspect but sometimes an inability to make the headings fit the spaces left for them.
Nevertheless, Rubricator 2 makes a glaring error in the Cadwallader chapters, writing the wrong red-ink headings on folios 39r to 41r for chapters 96 to 100 (cf.
Two subtle interventions in headings for chapters 96 and 97, made by the rubricator apparently in response to scanning words in the surrounding text, give the only hints of the actual subject matter on this page.