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Apparently the rubricator was checking the text to some extent, enough to grab a detail to add to the heading, even though the wrong heading is otherwise copied without self-correction.
In this case, the accurate matter of Penda and Oswy might have been written in red ink at the top of folio 39v later in order to compensate partially for the error, once discovered; or it may be that the rubricator was again checking the text, beginning to register that something was not right, and improvising.
The next three wrongly positioned chapter headings display no such unease on the part of the rubricator, but they do show the rubricator's ability to improvise fairly minor variations of wording in order to fit the headings into spaces left by the scribe (if we assume that the rubricator did not use two different exemplars for these two sets of headings).
While the presence or absence of the Cadwallader chapters might potentially have thematic or political implications, the explanation for Rubricator 2's large error of obscuring the presence of Cadwallader by miscopying five chapter headings is more likely procedural than content-driven.
With regard to Rubricator 2's miscopying of five chapter headings, a plausible explanation is that rubrication took place in units of quires for both exemplar and copy, and Rubricator 2 just picked up the wrong quire to copy from.
Two other MEPB manuscripts of particular interest have rubrication styles comparable to that of Rubricator 2.
The possibility that a common workshop or rubricator might have imposed the same ordinatio onto otherwise rhetorically varied Brut manuscripts is intriguing and may eventually help identify the literary agents responsible.