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Signposts are often found where mature buck territories overlap--thus, the importance and difference when hunting a rub whose purpose is scent communication versus the more common rubs made from velvet stripping and strengthening of the neck muscles.
Our understanding of our consumers was critical in developing the Nighttime Vaporizing Rub with its natural active ingredients formulation," said Angela Ho, Mentholatum US Marketing Director for Heritage and Pain Relief products.
Don't worry about the size of the rubs, as early season bucks are as likely to rub pencil-thin saplings as they are fencepost-sized trees.
The buck probably made rubs facing bedding areas in the evening and rubs facing away from bedding areas were likely made in the morning.
This will help the turkey soak in the baste, adhere the rub to the skin and remove excess moisture, helping the skin crisp to a delicious mahogany gold.
2 tablespoons All-Purpose Barbecue Rub (recipe follows) OR your favorite commercial rub
Citrus Rub - 1/4 cup each of dried lemon peel, dried orange peel, and ground black or red peppercorns Aromatic Rub - 1/4 cup each cumin and coriander Rosemary Rub - 1/4 cup each dried rosemary and lemon pepper Pepper Rub - 1/4 cup each freshly ground black pepper and white pepper, plus 1 Tbsp.
To effectively hunt rubs, you have to know their location.
Grant Woods wrote his dissertation on the physical characteristics of traditional rubs and whitetail behavior associated with them.
Even the experts disagree on what value rubs are to the archery hunter.
The angle of the oil return line on the rear of the M1070 tractor's air compressor allows it to rub against the transmission oil line just below it.
To reduce recurrence, keep the skin cool and dry by wearing cotton underwear and avoid clothes that rub during exercise.