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Paying closer attention to specialty spice rubs and sauces is a natural trend, says Lindeman of Olive Tree, considering many home cooks are now much savvier about sophisticated grilling techniques.
offers Breathe Easy, an aromatic chest rub to soothe and support a good night's sleep--without menthol or petroleum.
Signposts are often found where mature buck territories overlap--thus, the importance and difference when hunting a rub whose purpose is scent communication versus the more common rubs made from velvet stripping and strengthening of the neck muscles.
These are the rubs most commonly seen by bowhunters, as they appear in lines and occur on everything from saplings and wrist-sized trees on up to mature trunked trees with serious diameters in relatively open terrain.
The majority of rubs are made on trees less than an inch in diameter at two feet off the ground.
Deer primarily rub antlers on trees to remove velvet from fully grown antlers, for scent marking to define territories, and potentially for strengthening muscles for fighting (Bentley 1978; Gill 1992).
Cats will also rub their lips, chin and tails against objects, particularly if those areas have been rubbed by other cats or if the object is new such as a cardboard box--a favorite in my household," Dr.
The 2011 Great Taste Awards (2011) were quick to acknowledge the rubs, resulting in the Italian, Ras El Hanout and Harissa Rubs receiving the highest quality recognition--a Great Taste Gold Award.
Spice rubs are popular in other parts of the world-particularly the US-but Spicentice admits many Brits don't yet understand the concept.
WHEN Tony Blair rubs his tummy, it's because he wants his mummy, it was claimed yesterday.
Editor's note: Your suggestion rubs us the right way
Alcohol-based hand rubs help reduce the time needed to decontaminate hands, particularly when a sink is not readily available.