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RUDENESS, crim. law. An impolite action; contrary to the usual rules observed in society, committed by one person against another.
     2. This is a relative term which it is difficult to define: those acts which one friend might do to another, could not be justified by persons altogether unacquainted persons moving in polished society could not be permitted to do to each other, what boatmen, hostlers, and such persons might perhaps justify. 2 Hagg. Eccl. R. 73. An act done by a gentleman towards a lady might be considered rudeness, which, if done by one gentleman to another might not be looked upon in that light. Russ. & Ry. 130.
     3. A person who touches another with rudeness is guilty of a battery. (q.v.)

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There's a huge difference between being straightforward and being rude or mean.
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There were so many Filipinos that time and their approach was very rude. It's normal to ask questions, but I wish they didn't reply in an angry and loud manner because here in the Philippines, we are very hospitable to our visitors especially from other countries.)
This rude IM seems to believe that Hindus only live in India.
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"Services to mark the occasion will be held across the area and our principal event will be at the Church of the Holy Rude in Stirling.
At our engagement party he was very rude to my parents and then had a go at them for not being able to "take a joke".
very rude, drunk and people If he starts to cause trouble and upset people, then they can intervene discreetly, so you don't end up becoming aware of what's going on.