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Summary: The stars of The Inbetweeners have completed their Red Nose Day, to find 50 rudely named places in 50 hours.
We were then rather rudely informed that we could not park there and that we would be clamped if we did not move immediately.
1946: Television resumed after the second world war, and announcer Leslie Mitchell said: "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted.
Media coverage teams were strongly and quite rudely dissuaded from entry and coverage, and were rudely rebuked when questioned about the fairness of these tests; a situation, clearly depicting the pathetic state of transparency of these tests.
Clegg rudely interrupted David Cameron (as did Gordon Brown) when he was explaining his case in the first debate.
But he was rudely awakened by water being sprinkled on his face.
Judges and court staff act unethically and rudely at times, either in court room or outside court," President Bakiev said.
It is a quaint phrase, but oh-so-true-Further over in the "pioneer section" is an old, bleached, white stone marking the grave of a young girl which reads, Weep not for the loved one so rudely from thee driven, Thou had a flower too good for earth, transplanted into beaten.
When endeavouring to detail cause and effect on a Radio WM phone-in the other morning, I was rudely shut up by an apparent would-be thought policeman for having the temerity to point out that many old people are living in near penury, suffering an inferior NHS that is now under threat, poor social services, etc, while nothing appears too good for the irresponsible and those who have contributed nothing to our society.
Stella is a stammering teenager who is rudely evacuated from her familiar surroundings, her best friend and the stimulating city of London.
Like the melody, Krakow's urban development evolved with beauty, consistency and practical purpose until it was rudely truncated by the Second World War and the subsequent Communist regime.
That annoyance tied in the poll with two other behaviors: children acting rudely in public and rude behavior on television and in the movies.