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And 69 percent of those polled said salespeople often ignore customers or treat them rudely.
After winning LeMans in late 1966, engineers From Ford's Advanced Engine Engineering team wanted to build a 48-valve Vi 2 For the Ford GT Mark 4 and humiliate the man who had so rudely rejected Ford's offer to buy his company Four years earlier, Enzo Ferrari.
As a prelude, Djimat performed two topeng (masked dance) character portraits--including a rough, white-haired gent who rudely blew his nose.
Of Indian descent, he was repeatedly stopped by airport security because of his skin color and rudely interrogated.
I got rudely awakened this morning at 5:30, and the phone hasn't stopped ringing since," Fenn told Science News on Oct.
While travelling on a Great Western train from Cardiff to Swansea recently I was spoken to rudely by the train manager because I inadvertently passed through a first-class carriage while holding a standard-class ticket.
And then, "Disappointed in these amazing toys / the children rudely fled the attic / of `Onkel' Heinrich Himmler.
The smartly dressed man walked into an upscale restaurant with several friends one afternoon for a business lunch and immediately began barking orders somewhat rudely to the hardworking waiters and waitresses at their table.
During Jason's 18th party Mrs Beckham's record was rudely interrupted by the birthday boy screaming: "Oi, sort the music out, this stuff is minging.
Yet she's still gone off to visit that beautiful and civilised country with three tons of gear - implying rudely that their bottled water, tea, soaps and shampoos aren't good enough - while adding injury to insult by having THEM foot the bill for her luggage.
No one, rest assured, will rudely call attention to the failure of previous "solutions," such as the 1996 Telecommunications Act's "V-chip" and "voluntary" TV ratings.
A Cardinal might take a wife, several English bishops might step out in full masonic regalia, but whatever scandals awaited us in the coming year, none were going to over-shadow the fact and manner of Bishop Smith's humiliating backdown, nothing was going to lay bare as rudely the de facto schismatic state of the English Church.