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81) Rudimentarily summarized, Cooley's philosophy was that deference should be given to local governments whenever appropriate, as their grassroots structure and participatory nature made them better suited to discern a public purpose in legislation than state governments were.
Around the time that the Buggles' Video Killed the Radio Star (10) kicked off Music Television (MTV) (11) in August 1981 for a changing music audience, individuals acquired the ability to record and share music, albeit rudimentarily at first.
Because such forums are open and only rudimentarily regulated, criticisms can be freely voiced to the satisfaction of rule 1, yet at the same time the burden of proof associated with one's challenged opinions can hardly be fully met, violating rule 2.
1) In South Samoyedic the prohibitive auxiliaries were preserved only most rudimentarily, therefore possible traces of respective limited use (like in North Samoyedic) are impossible to find in those languages.
Compare this elaboration with the treatment of other components of the picture such as the rudimentarily rendered tree with blue foliage and brown trunk at the right end of the miniature.
All in all, this record is good, but it's typical of most '80s-era electronic body music: rudimentarily danceable, but there's not much else there, aside from a great record cover.
Whilst the Escape in no way complies with an insatiable desire for a back to basics rudimentarily rustic way of life, residents and guests will certainly
After stealing the cattle from a ranch, the rustler rudimentarily changed the brand.
Eventually, the building was rudimentarily repaired to serve again for some years as a cinema, as it had done before the war.
When it came time to package Nicaraguan Gold, Sinclair and Katia searched for elegant and distinct packaging, "We wanted to present to our coffee connoisseurs a sense of elegance, Class and something rudimentarily organic about it," says Arguello.
AI techniques were only rudimentarily implemented then.