rudimentary state

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blindness of the Asphalax, a Gnawer living under ground, and of the Proteus, a reptile living in dark caverns filled with water; in both of which animals the eye is in an almost rudimentary state, and is covered by a tendinous membrane and skin.
These include rapid increase in the local population and hence, their rising needs and issues, and the insurmountable pressure on the rudimentary state apparatus to respond to these needs and issues and the resultant rise of extremism and terrorism, especially due to the US launching the WoT in the region.
IFC's Expected Role and Additionality : (i) Access to long-term funding: Long-term funding is not easily available in Rwanda given the rudimentary state of the banking sector and emerging market profile of the country limiting the investment appetite of outside investors.
The author also avoids falling into the trap of providing a chronology of hardships suffered by the city's population by continually attempting to place her narrative into the larger context of broader historical trends--the rudimentary state of international law governing the conduct of war, the role of humanitarianism as a motive for the intervention of non-belligerent states and the importance of gender stereotypes in enumerating civilian suffering.
com)-- The Powerbank was conceptually introduced at an electronics show in Las Vegas in 2001 in its rudimentary state.
As the reader might suspect, the most significant reason involved the rudimentary state of technology for the radio- and television-control systems.
The institutional innovations actually carried out by the Jacobins, distracted by wars and domestic crises, were more modest--civil marriage, no-fault divorce, and a rudimentary state system of public schools--although some of them, at least, must have sympathized with the suggestion that suspects be deprived of the right to rear their children.
He opines that "building a rudimentary state, even a flawed one that is able to provide a modicum of security and governance to its people, is the American exit strategy from Afghanistan.
All this changed when the nation joined the European Union in 1981, at which time most of the wine industry was in a fairly rudimentary state, and the best wines restricted to a few large-scale producers Membership has encouraged large-scale investment and from the early 1990s, this modernisation has begun to kick in, with a new generation of Greek oenologists producing a fascinating and exciting range of wines from unique, indigenous grape varieties.
Although still in a rudimentary state, a string of more than 50 village bank cooperatives have been established to bring a measure of individual and community stability via financial services to the former "Homelands" of South Africa.
The representatives heard by the CoR Liaison Group of applicant countries - primarily representative of the local authorities, given the rudimentary state of regionalisation in these countries - reported on the progress of their preparations for accession.
As a result, some urban residents have experienced downward mobility, albeit cushioned by the rudimentary state welfare system.