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Rudis said the agreement with Boston Market is royalty-based, and does not require an initial investment upon contract execution.
Cranston, a brother, Algirdas Rudis and two sons-in-law, Robert H.
He was born in Worcester the son of Adam and Anna (Aldonis) Rudis.
Nectandra rudis es una especie rara en el occidente de Mexico.
Palabras clave: Analisis de Correspondencia Canonica, estructura poblacional, Nectandra rudis, occidente de Mexico, Sierra de Manantlan.
Abstract: Population structure and environmental relationships of the tropical tree Nectandra rudis (Lauraceae), a rare species in western Mexico.
Key words: Canonical Correspondence Analysis, Nectandra rudis, populational structure, Sierra de Manantlan, western Mexico.
WORCESTER Frank Rudis, 95, a longtime resident of Worcester, died peacefully on Thursday, September 3, 2009.
Rudi Bright, nine, has made it his mission to search out and record all the wildlife mentioned in Henry Williamson's classic 1927 novel Tarka the Otter.
During December 2011 I read the story of Tarka the Otter to Rudi as a bedtime story.
Rudi said: "I did see an otter last year in Scotland.
Mike said: "During his adventure Rudi has met and been helped by many local naturalists and experts within South Wales including the members of the Wildlife Trust and Glamorgan Heritage Coast Rangers.