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And this explains how D'Artagnan had quarters in the Rue Tiquetonne, at the Hotel de la Chevrette.
On entering the Rue Tiquetonne he heard a tremendous noise and found a dense crowd near the house.
You will enter by the Rue Neuve Sainte Catherine; under the second lamp on the right you will find your adversary.
But in returning thither last night, when fortunately you did not accompany him, as his carriage was crossing the Rue de la Ferronnerie his guards insulted the people, who began to abuse them.
And he seated himself at the table and ate as he did in the merry days of the Rue des Fossoyeurs, whilst D'Artagnan walked to and fro and thought how he could make use of Planchet under present circumstances.
You see, therefore, that my house in the rue du Cygne is useless to me.
Learning that the house in the rue du Cygne exactly suited the viscount, she begged her future husband to do her the kindness to tell him that her uncle knew it was for sale.
No, sire," he replied, "I alighted at the Hotel de Madrid, in the Rue de Tournon.
Sulpice, or from the Rue du Vieux-Colombier to the Luxembourg.
and to discontinue any opposition to the petitions filed by Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and De La Rue," Mr Gitau said in a sworn affidavit.
Object of the contract: rehabilitation work of 130 dwellings in occupied site at 2 to 6 rue Lecocq, 1 to 3 and 5 to 9 rue Offenbach and 1 to 3 and 5 to 9 rue Rameau in the municipality of Villeneuve-d'Ascq.
High court judge George Odunga said the decision by the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board to cancel the tender to De La Rue will remain in force pending hearing and determination of the two cases pending in court.