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On hearing this the bachelor took his departure, as has been said, without making any reply; and Don Quixote asked Sancho what had induced him to call him the "Knight of the Rueful Countenance" more then than at any other time.
'He of the Unicorn,' this one 'He of the Damsels,' that 'He of the Phoenix,' another 'The Knight of the Griffin,' and another 'He of the Death,' and by these names and designations they were known all the world round; and so I say that the sage aforesaid must have put it into your mouth and mind just now to call me 'The Knight of the Rueful Countenance,' as I intend to call myself from this day forward; and that the said name may fit me better, I mean, when the opportunity offers, to have a very rueful countenance painted on my shield."
"There is no occasion, senor, for wasting time or money on making that countenance," said Sancho; "for all that need be done is for your worship to show your own, face to face, to those who look at you, and without anything more, either image or shield, they will call you 'Him of the Rueful Countenance' and believe me I am telling you the truth, for I assure you, senor (and in good part be it said), hunger and the loss of your grinders have given you such an ill-favoured face that, as I say, the rueful picture may be very well spared."
With a rueful smile, I directed that our original course be resumed, and once again we set off toward merry England.
'I say,' cried Kit with a rueful face, 'don't talk like that, mother.'
Herbert probably would have been scratching his head in a most rueful manner at the sight of his accumulating figures.
Rueful Neal said afterwards: "The car felt good all weekend.
And when he holed out for a birdie he managed a rueful smile.
'It is rueful that garbage is visible despite disbursement of funds.'
The club have tied down Raheem Sterling and Aymeric Laporte to new contracts this season and Guardiola was rueful that Gundogan has not been as keen as the duo to agree new terms.
"We've just got to accept that we made a terrible mistake and our lives are gonna suck now," observes Pete with a rueful smile.
"It is rueful that kite flying and aerial firing took place despite the ban," he said.