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But then I'll stray into the countryside and see the spotless roadsides, the pristine rivers and the jewel-like village architecture, and I'll think back ruefully to the day I made the mistake of visiting the Cappadocian spa village of Kozakly, anticipating Swiss-style wooden chalets and finding instead concrete high-rises so ugly I dashed away again without crossing the threshold of a bath.
Going into our 11th season in the top flight, Fulham fans can ruefully look back at a bunch of bosses who have promised much but seldom delivered.
The gas station attendant ruefully shakes his head.
She's a great role modelshe's funny (she calls "hootie-hoo," like an owl when she loses her husband in a grocery store), self-aware (she ruefully called her undercooked quinoa "un-duntay" instead of "al dente"), and sane in times of crisis.
And he told listeners ruefully yesterday: "Prince William was dissing me while Fearne was laughing.
08 per cent - is looking ruefully at new deals in the market
Moseley, Popplewell, Keynes and Hensley snuggle back into their familiar roles, with hints of a romantic subplot for Lucy and Caspian, which can never come to fruition because as Lucy ruefully reflects, "I am 1,300 years older than you".
I told him he was nicer in the flesh than on TV and he nodded ruefully.
With subtle adjustments in his body language and facial expressions he transformed himself from a gauche teenager to a rising DJ and eventually a burnt - out adult recording star who achieves maturity and self-knowledge after a breakdown, even managing to be ruefully philosophical when his daughter is born not to the backdrop of jazz icon John Coltrane as intended, but to Girls Aloud on the hospital radio.
We certainly plan to continue dancing as guest artists on a freelance basis, both together and with others," said Wilkins, who ruefully admitted she had hoped to dance at the Joffrey until the end of her career.
She's Gotta Have it took a lot of criticism--a flick about sexual promiscuity just as HIV/AIDS was really hitting was bound to--but a lot of lesbians of color viewed it as a funny feminist film in which a woman is in control of her own sexuality (one of the few, still), a lesbian gets screen time, and men are ruefully skewered as rather clueless to what it all means.
I just wish I has put a pound on them all on Sunday," he said ruefully.