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As they were seated in the priest's hut one afternoon a rough knock fell upon the door which was immediately pushed open to admit as disreputable a band of ruffians as ever polluted the sight of man.
He spoke in French, and held his hands in the attitude of prayer, so that he quite entirely misled the ruffians, who had no idea that he was communicating with the boy.
The four remaining ruffians backed quickly from the hut, and a more cautious fighter would have let them go their way in peace, for in the open four against one are odds no man may pit himself against with impunity.
The sight of this gang of ruffians banded together to prey upon the clergy had given rise to an idea in the boy's mind, which had been revolving in a nebulous way within the innermost recesses of his subconsciousness since his vanquishing of the three knights had brought him, so easily, such riches in the form of horses, arms, armor and gold.
The last two clauses of these articles of faith appealed to the ruffians so strongly that they would have subscribed to anything, even daily mass, and a bath, had that been necessary to admit them to the service of Norman of Torn.
The consciousness of being environed by such dangerous neighbors, and of being still within the range of Rose and his fellow ruffians, obliged the party to be continually on the alert, and to maintain weary vigils throughout the night, lest they should be robbed of their horses.
Then he raised his revolver and covered the young ruffian, who was advancing upon him with his dangerous riding-crop swinging in his hand.
You could no longer bear the idea of this ruffian owning her?
Of the fate of Carruthers, I have no record, but I am sure that his assault was not viewed very gravely by the court, since Woodley had the reputation of being a most dangerous ruffian, and I think that a few, months were sufficient to satisfy the demands of justice.
As soon as the old gentleman came into his house, the old woman began her congratulations on his happy escape from the ruffians.
Among the highlights of the biography are ruffian force and cowardly calumny, banquets a midst starvation, Rowan and Mary Wollstonecraft, the Londonderry lordling, and new light on Presbyterian loyalty.
ANG PROBINSYANO is turning out to be a plum, career-enhancing stellar vehicle for lead actor Coco Martin, who's rising to the challenge of playing twins-the heroic Ador, a cop who dies in the line of duty, and Cardo, a relative ruffian who pretends to be his dead brother, to get back at the nasty villains who killed him at the height of his heroic potential.