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100 YEARS AGO: It looks as though one of the first tasks of the new Chief Constable will be to deal with an epidemic of ruffianism, such as that which two or three years ago culminated in the death of a policeman, and which yielded for a time to severe repressive measures.
In one of Cather's fiercest stories, "The Sculptor's Funeral" the nasty backbiting that surrounds the funeral of a native son, who had made his reputation as an artist in the East, exposes one Western town as a "dung heap," a "borderland between ruffianism and civilization.
Colourfully, he assured them that `the devil putting on the cassock of a priest is respectable ruffianism compared with the villainy of the man who will go about to plunder and raid under the pretense that he is putting down land-grabbing and fighting against landlordism'.
The war, proclaimed William Lloyd Garrison, was one "of aggression, of invasion, of conquest, and rapine - marked by ruffianism, perfidy, and every other feature of national depravity.
Faulkner, Caldwell, Wolfe, and others had carried social frankness to lengths that were shocking even to her, so that, in her own words, `realism had so often degenerated into literary ruffianism.
The ruffian and his broad, the one whining and the other rebelling, persevered in the tangueros' romanticized confessions as milestones of an uncivilized past - a barbaric past, plagued by ruffianism - when Argentina was not yet assimilated to the Western modern project.