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And this ruffianly cloak I here tear from my back, and sacrifice it to the devil, which is master of all mischief.
So much for Indian and natively Southern dignity and defiance, brought low by ruffianly incursion from outside the New World's garden.
The play is occasionally muddled and stylistically obscure with a touch of Hamlet about it in terms of its rabid, ruffianly discontent with the world.
Overall though, the contemporary assessment of the British Commissary in the Peninsular War is correct that `at bottom the much-maligned commissaries, and their motley band of ill-paid and sometimes ruffianly muleteers and wagoners' did a reliable job and managed to get the supplies `through a thousand difficulties' and to their proper destination.
Increasingly it was to the creative inteligencja that journalists and politicians turned as the dangerously demoralized working class of Poland emerged from the heady broth of rapid industrialization and showed that it could be boorish, unsophisticated, undisciplined, ill-mannered, ruffianly and determined - traits which contributed to Poland's poor economic performance.
against us, as ours against them, an outcast and ruffianly horde, alone in
In 1869, it was shut down "by order" because of the "unbecoming display of ruffianly behavior" that its performances encouraged among spectators on summer evenings.