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RUFFLED SLEEVES LAST summer's flamenco trend has evolved, with structural ruffles now making the look more suited to the city.
Go for floral patterns, stripes and add ruffles to your wardrobe to stay fashionable this season, say experts.
With B, work edging same as for ruffle 1, stopping after working the cast-on edge but before joining.
Mr Ruffle trained at Loughborough College and London University before moving to the North East in 1947.
Ruffle is a former vice chairman of JPMorgan & Co.
ZAC POSEN showcases gown with dropped waist, ruffled and layered skirt, and ruffle detail at shoulder.
A campaign to help tackle drink-driving has been launched by the editor of the Paphos News local newspaper, Janice Ruffle.
Sometimes I ruffle a few conservative feathers, but I don't care.
Annieglass is also introducing five variations on its serpentine-edged Ruffle collection.
The committee pointed to a letter from the Financial Executives Institute (FEI) to FAF President John Ruffle saying the five-to-two voting requirement "could serve to reduce the perception that a particular standard does not have a high degree of acceptance and support.