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But the Bishop of Lichfield will undoubtedly ruffle feathers with his comments on Christmas.
The "classic Borglum" behavior was to "demand control, ruffle feathers, allege conspiracy, exaggerate evil--and lastly, foul the nest." Borglum was clearly a disagreeable sort, a deadbeat who was disloyal to his friends and consorted with the Ku Klux Klan.
Over the last six months, the Houston-based PC giant has seen its CEO and CFO resign; its profits wane and its stock value plummet; its PC market share continue to erode, and its expensive mergers ruffle feathers and force layoffs.
A seller's negotiating team plays the "heavy" in the bargaining sessions, letting them ruffle feathers. To maximize price, it is imperative that your team be skilled negotiators as well as experts on your adversary.