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In addition, a percentage rent feature will allow National Golf Properties to participate in growth in revenues at Ruffled Feathers.
And they tried to show God's love to everyone they met--even if it ruffled feathers and made people angry; even if people laughed at them for it.
Matt Moore spoke his mind, and at UCLA it ruffled feathers when the quarterback openly questioned head coach Karl Dorrell.
Is Britain legislating to soothe ruffled feathers in LLanelli?
Alderman ruffled feathers with his pre-Ashes remarks condemning Giles as "a negative trundler" and his claim that "any top order Aussie batsman who gets out to him should hang themselves".
The proposal was made by the South Americans, who are furious the number of places available to their countries in finals has been cut, and the 2014 announcement was clearly aimed at soothing their ruffled feathers.
A PUBLICITY stunt for a new British film ruffled feathers at the Cannes Film Festival when a group of actors attacked each other with what appeared to be dead pigeons, splattering holidaymakers with fake blood.
Tonight he tries smooth Deirdre's ruffled feathers with the promise of a holiday.
Creating an in-house position for a firm's representative and allowing him to supervise the planning on materials that company delivers can smooth ruffled feathers and complement the standard JIT approach.
9 follow-up memo that attempted to smooth ruffled feathers.
Nicklas Bendtner's infamous Paddy Power pants ruffled feathers during his goal celebrations against Portugal last week, so that's bound to put the blue-blooded Italians off their run-up.
HENRIETTA the hen has ruffled feathers in the chicken coop.