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TOP TOYS FOR 2011 Ruffling feathers Angry Birds Mini Plush With Sound - pounds 4.
THE owner of a giant owl who has been ruffling feathers in a Northumberland community is appealing for help in recapturing the bird.
However, it looks as if she is going to be ruffling feathers on a much grander scale when she is put in charge of a controversial case.
And to prevent the situation spiralling further out of control, a troubleshooter is brought in to handle the media, ruffling feathers in the process.
But Parrish and other parents are convinced the district is reluctant to do so because White has a history of whistle-blowing and straight talk - even if it meant ruffling feathers of district officials or parents.
POP star Jay Kay has been ticked off by the National Trust after ruffling feathers by landing his helicopter in a bird sanctuary.
COMEDY singer songwriter Richie Kavanagh has done it again, ruffling feathers with his song.
Robinson, known for ruffling feathers, is to host a BBC2 series to find Great Britons and was dumbfounded that Diana was on the shortlist.