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THE X Factor finalists have been in the contestants' house for less than a week, but someone's already ruffling feathers.
A MYSTERY visitor is ruffling feathers in Huddersfield.
TOP TOYS FOR 2011 Ruffling feathers Angry Birds Mini Plush With Sound - pounds 4.
However, it looks as if she is going to be ruffling feathers on a much grander scale when she is put in charge of a controversial case.
And to prevent the situation spiralling further out of control, a troubleshooter is brought in to handle the media, ruffling feathers in the process.
But Parrish and other parents are convinced the district is reluctant to do so because White has a history of whistle-blowing and straight talk - even if it meant ruffling feathers of district officials or parents.
Robinson, known for ruffling feathers, is to host a BBC2 series to find Great Britons and was dumbfounded that Diana was on the shortlist.