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The masculine bloc that has emerged in the discursive domain in Singapore as a counter to the rugged individualism of the post-independence period, appears to be what Connell has identified in his studies as a "currently accepted" strategy for the defence of patriarchy (Connell, 77).
We know, in fact, that this story of feminism, versus male-oriented and xenophobic rugged individualism, made some extremely relevant turns in the 1960s and 70s.
Currently about 45 million Americans do not have adequate health insurance, and they probably have the myths of rugged individualism and laissez-faire capitalism to blame.
We can still be a country of rugged individualism and limitless possibilities for success, but we will also have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that was so evidently denied to many Americans.
Perhaps the greatest contribution of Morgan's book lies in incontrovertibly reminding readers that, for the past several decades, American liberal and leftist political ethos have always been better allies for the African American cause than the conservative and right-wing ideologies of rugged individualism and unbridled free market capitalism.
It's not an accident that only in the context of that protracted trauma did we get such a departure from our notion of laissez-faire, rugged individualism," says David M.
From these roots there also grew a tradition of rugged individualism and homely simplicity.
First, it is difficult to understand how Flannery differentiates the rugged individualism that opened up the rangelands to pastoralism and that constituted much of the labour supply for magnificent 'nation-building' engineering feats like the Snowy Scheme (with unintended environmental consequences) from the 'enlightened' individualism that will invest in a sound environmental future for Australia.
Emerson's views can fit all forms of liberalism, from rugged individualism to postmodern relativism.
The author points to the conflict between his mother's "British," status-conscious, more modern, more hedonistic tradition of consumerism and self-realization and his father's prototypical American profile of rugged individualism.
The filmmakers briefly explore the fact that Laramie's culture is one of rugged individualism as embodied in modern-day cowboys and ranchers.