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35 million-year-old skeleton has shown humans were "more ruggedly built" than previously thought.
Precise piezoelectric measuring elements are protected by ruggedly constructed housings, and the series covers ranges to 50kN, 70kN, and 120kN.
The faceplates offer recessed label fields and slotted screw holes to adjust alignment, and are ruggedly constructed from high-impact thermoplastic 94V-0 rated to ensure long life.
The FL0005M1 surface-mount low pass filter is ruggedly constructed and durable.
Ruggedly designed, the Servo Beverage Packer provides the flexibility needed to handle a wide variety of beverage products such as iced tea and coffee drinks.
Mercworx introduces an extensive line of ruggedly handsome and high-tech fixed blade knives, all handcrafted in the USA from 154 CM stainless steel.
I filled my frame with mud and rust, which, to me, helped define the nature of the ruggedly primitive island he guards.
Holz-Her's fully-programmable, high-performance panel sizing Tempus model meets the woodworking industry's rising needs for ruggedly built, competitively-priced pressure beam saws.
These ruggedly built freezer systems are designed for high capacity and high quality while providing unusual versatility and efficient operation within a compact size.
Laura Hormigon was an icily poised Queen of the Wilis, and Victor Gill was ruggedly convincing in the mime role of Hilarion, Giselle's spurned suitor, although you wished he had more to do.
Clive Barker, ruggedly handsome at 49 and looking vaguely piratical in a black shirt and gold earring, sits at a wooden refectory table in one of the three houses that form his residential compound high in the canyon country above Beverly Hills.
The result is not only utilitarian, but ruggedly attractive.