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This is a vision, Sagar argues, "without a theory of sovereignty" (38) and without a transcendent or theistic grounding, but one that is more ruggedly realistic and that has more explanatory power than the alternatives commonly offered.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jun 20 (ANI): The makers have dropped the first look poster of 'Satyameva Jayate' featuring John Abraham and, to say the least, he looks ruggedly handsome on it.
President William Duncan - a ruggedly handsome and morally upstanding widower - is faced with a deadly computer virus that aims to destroy the USA, aided by a traitor in the heart of Government.
President William Duncan, a ruggedly handsome and morally upstanding widower, is faced with a deadly menace - a plot to destroy the US with a computer virus.
Running amid a ruggedly icy terrain and freezing temperature of minus 32 degrees, Sangalang finished the race in 11 hours and four minutes.
In addition, this system was designed to ruggedly hold up in harsh environments, making it ideal for meat and poultry applications.
I am ready for my costume And just in case I have to spell it out, I am dressed as a ruggedly handsome fashion icon and Bradley Cooper look-alike."
Tenders are invited for Heavy Duty Ruggedly Constructed Platform Trolley With Tray Brand:- -Dbxt R Or Similar Specification As Per Annexure.
"He's ruggedly handsome and of Middle Eastern descent - though he was educated in England, at Oxford - and the attraction between him and Angie was immediate," it added.
Offered in a range of sizes and capacities, a new selection of hydraulic lifting equipment includes loading dock lifts and scissor lifts that are ruggedly constructed and easy to operate.
Ruggedly constructed, the flow controller can be configured as a plant or panel-mounted unit offering two-stage batch control and automatic over-run compensation.
narrow escape the billowy curtain the ruggedly handsome center stage