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Out of the silence of the ruined temple there rang, close to their ears, the same hideous shriek they had heard the previous night, and with horrified cries the black warriors turned and fled through the empty halls of the age-old edifice.
At the meetings of creditors, then, he comported himself with a savageness and scorn towards Sedley, which almost succeeded in breaking the heart of that ruined bankrupt man.
The English have long taken pleasure in the picturesque ivy-clad ruins of the monastic buildings despoiled by Henry VIII, while ruined temples continue to impress by evoking the grandeur of past civilisations, Greece and Rome.
imagine the populations who once filled the ruined spaces.
In "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7 Episode 4, "The Raiders Minimization," Amy (Mayim Bialik) ruined the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" for Sheldon by pointing out a major flaw in the plot.
There we found ourselves transfixed by one of the most ruined of all ancient ruins, the Trophy of Augustus, erected in 5 BCE.
Two decades on, Lebanon's capital is a mixture of old and new, ruined and restored, erased and replaced.
Sainsbury's has all ready ruined the village once with the car park by the bus stops.
Most governments I can remember have ruined the economy in a much shorter time than that
How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony: And Why You Should Care, by Ross.
In a film illustrating the irrelevance of England's ceremonial monarchy, Frears also turns over the rock of our modern and often pathological obsession with celebrities, suggesting that the age of Diana, with its endless public confessions and canniballike feasting on the scabs of ruined lives, is hardly an improvement on what came before.
The 13-year-old, who lives with her mum and Ann and two sisters on Milverton Road, said: "My school uniform is ruined and other clothes I have been wrecked.