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It is true that many young men who joined the forces when there were no suitable jobs should be compensated for being sent into ruinous wars, then being abandoned by glory-seeking ministers, to rebuild their shattered lives.
If it is assumed that the case with archbishop Pimen might mean start of some liberalization of MOC, then it is clear that this will be ruinous for the entire Macedonian state.
Really, it is a slow, agonized departure, ruinous as an argument
Reconditioning costs have become ruinous, so what seems a cheap car won't be after it's been repaired, serviced and MoT'd.
The Austrian Press Agency reported, "This ruinous, extreme, savings policy being imposed on Greece has driven it into ever deeper recession", said Swoboda in a letter to EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.
According to details, the recent rains have ruinous impact on roads including road in front of I-9 police station.
The effects of such disasters can be ruinous for small organisations in particular, so I was surprised to see recent research that demonstrated that many small and medium sized companies have yet to recognise the importance of protecting themselves.
According to details, the present torrential rains have ruinous impact on roads including road in front of I-9 police station.
your article regarding the ways in which warped language used in our public discourses has been ruinous to clear thinking for Americans, is correct (GDN, March 1).
Yes, downsizing at the airport will cost some jobs, but there are world-changing opportunities to be grasped in gaining green jobs and in getting off this ruinous carbon juggernaut.
Zimbabwe's rival parties resumed power-sharing talks yesterday, a day ahead of the expiry of a deadline to conclude discussions to end a ruinous political crisis.
This has been easy to recall as 1964 saw the defeat of Barry Goldwater (and the last silver coins) and the ushering in of the ruinous "Great Society" the next year.