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"Scrapping the ruinously expensive Trident and any replacement would put
Retired US generals and admirals have repeatedly advocated junking all nuclear weapons, calling them ruinously expensive and of no military value.
With a pre-existing condition, new insurance will be ruinously expensive, if you can get it at all.
After six bloody, ruinously costly years, there is an end in sight to the American occupation of Iraq.
It would be a ruinously expensive and empty gesture for the United States to make major sacrifices in a futile attempt to curb AGW when it is certain that developing countries will thwart our efforts.
Too many brokers were far more interested in earning fat fees for steering their clients to ruinously priced loans that the borrowers could never hope to repay.
The central paradox that observers at the time considered was whether governments ultimately ruined public order in their ruinously expensive efforts to advance it.
Third, will corporate management follow a pricing policy which will wisely avoid both the evils of ruinously low prices and overly rigid price maintenance and boosting?
It has approved Bush's prescription-drug plan, an incomprehensible and ruinously expensive piece of legislation.
Stanford Professor Emeritus of Oncology Wallace Sampson, a big fan of the above-mentioned ruinously expensive pharmaceuticals, claims that the price of the Gerson Therapy clinic, at about $5,500 per week for three weeks, is outrageously expensive!
Both Shias and Sunnis can agree that the Islamic heritage was ruinously compromised before those who knew Mohammed were all dead.
And if informal care breaks down, public services or the police suddenly become ruinously expensive.