rule against

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There was a strict rule against turning round until one gave the signal, when all turned at once.
You're not killed yet--though if you were, you couldn't cry, you know, and so it's a general rule against crying, my dear
He added that Imran Khan did not face the suit and returned to Pakistan, forcing the court to rule against him in his absence.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 17, 2013-United States Supreme Court likely to rule against granting patents on human genes(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The poll by the nonpartisan foundation finds that 54 percent of those surveyed say the Supreme Court should rule against the mandate while only 17 percent say the court should uphold it and 29 percent either don't know or didn't answer.
Americans United has asked a federal appeals court to rule against a religious monument in front of a county courthouse.
Both civil and religious authorities endorse natural law when they rule against murder, which attacks life, or perjury which attacks truth.
In October 2003, HHS reversed a 13-year-old rule against use of feeding assistants, giving states the option of allowing their use.
Public safety is in jeopardy if more courts rule against standards developers.
Alabama governor Don Siegelman, defending a school district's rule against earrings on boys, at a news conference, August 21
We've had two trial judges rule against the city,'' he said.
Microsoft has asked the court to rule against any Sun claim for damages that are in excess of the basic Java license fee.