rule upon

See: adjudicate
References in classic literature ?
"It was ever your way, John Carter, to think last of your own life," he said; "but still more your way to command the lives and actions of others, even to the greatest of Jeddaks who rule upon Barsoom."
Since PSALM has no VAT liability in this case, there is no necessity to rule upon the issue of deficiency interest and delinquency interest.
With the inquest set to last for at least five weeks, the jury asked the Coroner what they had to rule upon.
No court or tribunal shall inquire into, or pronounce on, or in any matter entertain, determine or rule upon, any question relating to the adequacy of such funds, or any recommendation made or principle formulated by the Commission.
"Specifically, should the circuit court determine discovery is necessary to resolve a venue dispute, section 508.010.10 expressly allows the parties to waive the ninety-day time period in writing, hence alleviating any concern the circuit court would have to rule upon a motion to transfer prematurely."
HYDERABAD -- Pakistan Peoples Party-Parliamentarians (PPP-P) information secretary MNA Dr Nafisa Shah has accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of trying to thrust one-party rule upon the country observing that the democratic dispensation is slowly moving towards authoritarianism.
By clear constitutional mandate, the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is the sole judge with the authority to rule upon the qualifications of a president.
Having laws which bind all members of society equally--The Rule of Law, in other words--requires having courts which can impartially interpret and enforce those laws, and rule upon disputes which arise about their basic constitutional validity.
They desire to rule by force, imposing rule upon people, under the auspices of an untrue Islamic rule."
So simple, and yet we make it so hard for ourselves with rule upon rule upon rule.
As a matter of fact, Turkish voters will cast their votes on June 7 against a background of increased pressure exerted by the AKP rule upon dissent.
The merits of her own complaints about her husband's care are for others to rule upon, of course.