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In his June 6 Order, the ALJ ruled that because Peyrelevade's testimony will involve "significant determinations regarding credibility," it is "both important and proper that [Peyrelevade] be required to appear in person at heating if he intends to testify.
The Court ruled that the purpose of the exclusionary rule would not be served by excluding evidence that officers had seized pursuant to an Illinois statute, which was later declared to be unconstitutional.
The Service ruled the termination was inadvertent, and the corporation was allowed to retain S status.
The Tax Court ruled that economic benefit had been conferred to the president upon creation of the trust in 1945 because no contingencies for payment were involved and no one other than the employer had any control or interest in the money in the trust.
The Service ruled that the invalid elections were inadvertent and allowed the corporation to retain its S status and the trusts to be QSSTs, as long as Form 2553 and a QSST election with the proper signatures were filed.
The Service ruled the distribution was remedial in nature and did not create a second class of stock.
In Letter Ruling 200130008, (35) the Service ruled that a nonqualifed deferred compensation arrangement's provision for incentive shares did not create a second class of stock.
The IRS ruled that the election was ineffective but inadvertent; the corporation was treated as an S corporation from the effective date of the election.
The IRS ruled that the termination was inadvertent and required a corporate-level payment.
The court ruled that, because electing S status was voluntary, a freezing of the extant E&P is required even if the number is wrong.
The IRS ruled that the acquisition would not cause the distributing corporation's group to take into account any deferred intercompany items.