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ON a day when away teams ruled the roost in the League of Wales, Connah's Quay continued the pattern but had some anxious moments before sealing the points.
The respective bowling attacks ruled the roost in a low-scoring Warwickshire Division One clash, with few players able to make double figures.
Vendors with timely introduction of chipsets with new features that deliver better integration, form factors, performance, cost, and power efficiency design ruled the roost at the end of the year.
TIME was when Alison Moyet and Annie Lennox ruled the roost at the Brits, taking it in turns to pick up the awards, but these days we're more excited by the likes of Amy Winehouse.
If ever there was a slow-burning Norman Bates it was Eric, whose monstrous mum obviously ruled the roost.
REALITY telly ruled the roost at last night's Television Awards.
CHAMPION duo Martin Pipe and Tony McCoy ruled the roost with a treble, courtesy of Puntal, Stormez and Valfonic, writes Andrew King.
Fang was king of the hill; he ruled the roost,'' Cone said.