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By the ninth century, "peace had become Charlemagne's legacy to his descendants, part of the burden of Frankish rulership and part of the Carolingians' myth of themselves" (p.
Two-time defending horse of the year Buena Vista and Rulership were both at odds of under 3 to 1 in a field of 16.
In spite of himself, then, Augustine was understood to have respiritualized politics, to have absorbed the natural order into the supernatural, and to have interpreted rulership as a divinely ordained ministry.
During his years of rulership, Sheikh Sabah, the 15th Amir of Kuwait and fifth within the constitutional era, had left his mark within the regional and international scene through his continuous efforts and determination to make Kuwait one of the key nations of the world.
The visit is being touted throughout the media as a sign of unity among the clergy and support for the rulership of Khamenehi.
The more of a totalitarian rulership you have, the more oppression, the more satire you have," Rabie Moftah, a literary critic, said.
Down with military rulership," some protesters shouted.
It shows how the idea of divine rulership inspired artists in Nigeria, as early as the 9th century .
This comes from the Moon rulership of your sign, which sees you soak up the atmosphere so well.
The story centers around a planet's rulership and a lost book about the concept of 'Design'.
A third theme considers the issue of the "public" nature of women, royal families, and of rulership.
The relevance of the Alfredian translations for the interpretation of Alfred's reign and his concepts of rulership have received much attention in the last ten years, and David Pratt's study does not have quite the impact that it might have done if it had been published closer to the date of the completion of his thesis in 1999.