ruling power

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References in classic literature ?
But their grandmother, who was really the ruling power in the house, made my life very hard to me.
And the government is the ruling power in each state?
And the usual course of affairs is that, as soon as a powerful foreigner enters a country, all the subject states are drawn to him, moved by the hatred which they feel against the ruling power.
Le Quoi, who had fled from his own country more through terror than because he was offensive to the ruling powers in France, had succeeded at length in getting an assurance that his return to the West Indies would be unnoticed; and the Frenchman, who had sunk into the character of a country shopkeeper with so much grace, was about to emerge again from his obscurity into his proper level in society.
He well understood that under the Restoration, a period of continual compromises between men, between things, between accomplished facts and other facts looking on the horizon, it was all-important for the ruling powers to have a household drudge.
As an ingenious man, he had necessarily to encounter every discouragement that the ruling powers for a length of time had been able by any means to put in the way of this class of culprits; but that was only reasonable self-defence in the powers, since How to do it must obviously be regarded as the natural and mortal enemy of How not to do it.
Sereno has incurred the enmity of the ruling power for being too independent, as she should be, being head of a co-equal branch of government.
Any two of them combined together, would make a major ruling power.
As a ruling power, the United States would not give up its established core interest and the commitments to its core allies around the world.
According to it, the ruling power seeks to distort social movements by confusing them with acts of violence to shirk its responsibility towards the country.
One may assume that Karapetyan mentioned exactly the growth of incomes of the country's ruling power and the oligarchy last year.
The defendants were seeking to topple the ruling power by force and attack police facilities as well as public and private ones.