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Moreover, even if the IRS were to challenge the employer's reliance on its outdated rulings, it will likely be precluded from arguing against the public guidance articulated in an outstanding revenue ruling.
This aspect is based on earlier rulings such as the one quoted by the three judges when they refer to the statement of Justice Peter Cory in M v H [1999] at 52-53:
The court's rulings affirm that colleges and universities may take race into account in order to achieve diversity on our campuses," said David L.
Unfortunately, these rulings may cause confusion rather than provide clarification.
Walter rulings against tax aid for sectarian schools.
Revenue rulings are published to provide precedents to be used in the disposition of other cases and may be cited and relied on for that purpose.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The Administrative Court of Appeal today ruled partly in favor of Industrivarden's (STO:INDUA)(STO:INDUC) appeal of the County Administrative Court's rulings on standard-calculated income for shares in subsidiaries.
A slew of court cases and rulings were issued on an S shareholder's adjusted basis for loss purposes.
The service had held in revenue rulings 55-520 and 58-301 that cancellation payments were (1) not wages subject to Social Security, Medicare or federal income tax withholding and (2) includible in the employee's gross income in the year of receipt.
While petition drives might sway an elected legislator, judges are expected to base their rulings on the Constitution and the laws of the United States and not be influenced by pressure campaigns.
Specifically, in Revenue Procedure 2003-48, the Internal Revenue Service announced a one-year pilot program under which it will no longer issue advance rulings on key issues arising under -section 355.