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And as so many species, both living and extinct, of these same genera inhabit and have inhabited the Old World, it seems most probable that the North American elephants, mastodons, horse, and hollow- horned ruminants migrated, on land since submerged near Behring's Straits, from Siberia into North America, and thence, on land since submerged in the West Indies, into South America, where for a time they mingled with the forms characteristic of that southern continent, and have since become extinct.
Detection and Genetic Characterization of Lineage IV Peste Des Petits Ruminant Virus in Kazakhstan.
A risk assessment of PPRV infection in several developing countries in Africa and the Middle East and on the Indian Peninsula indicated that 63% of small ruminant populations are at risk for infection (4).
ABSTRACT: Peste Des Petitis Ruminant (PPR) is a widely spreading economical important diseases of tropical and sub-tropical countries.
The dietary protein is one of the most limiting nutrients in small ruminant, grazing poor quality pastures which are often low in protein concentration.
She explains the benefits of good pasture management; types of grazing systems; grazing from the plant's perspective, including grazing-adapted plants, pasture soil health, managing pasture plants, and common ones; grazing from the animal's perspective, including the digestive ability of ruminants, ruminant nutrition from pasture, meeting livestock nutritional needs, grazing behavior, using a 100-percent grassfed diet, and health concerns; and designing and managing a system, with discussion of calculating acreage, design and infrastructure, and putting it together.
The higher proportion of breeding females, followed by suckling age group in the present study was in agreement with the reported by Tsedeke (2007) and CACC (2008) which showed higher proportion of females than males in Ethiopian small ruminant structure due to demand for breeding and milking animals.
Razzaq Animal Sciences PARC explained in detail regarding the concept of Small Ruminant Model Farming in Pakistan.
The Global Rumen Census project analyzed the microbes responsible for methane emissions from a wide range of ruminant animals around the world and found they were all similar.
In continuation of our efforts in the development of diagnostics for brucellosis, indirect ELISA kit for small ruminant brucellosis has been standardized, validated, patented and commercially made available from the Institute.
In arid and semi-arid regions of India, small ruminant rearing is one of the major livelihood activity for small and marginal farmers.
Owners and producers of sheep and goats are sometimes battling intestinal parasites common in ruminant livestock.