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The longer an animal feeds and ruminates, the longer will likely be the intake of nutrients, and also the better the processing of the ingested particles due to the rumination process, which will consequently lead to better performance, as demonstrated in this correlation.
A dying town in the lush, water-fed mountains of Japan's southeastern Nara Prefecture inspires Mexican multihyphenate Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio to ruminate on natural wonders and the melancholy inevitability facing an aging population in "Inori.
This is not the time to ruminate on what could have been, or should have been.
It allows us to ruminate over our preparedness to be allies, advocates, and diversity change agents dedicated to the creation of a more welcoming and inclusive institutional environment.
But you can just like take it home with you and just ruminate.
The collection illuminates life so you can ruminate about its sweetness and richness (hence the "chocolate" in the title).
commented in the press that this offers a biologic basis for why women have a greater tendency to ruminate on emotional events--and perhaps to develop depression as well.
said that this offers a biologic basis for why women have a greater tendency to ruminate, or dwell, on emotional events--and develop depression.
Rather than wrestle with these inquiries, Ashcroft simply admitted that he didn't know, stressing instead that there wasn't any time to ruminate on such trifles.
Rather, readers, especially the theologically uncultivated, should ingest small daily portions of the work, allowing time to ruminate.
While hanging around in this highclass neighborhood, let us ruminate on twin transgressions that involve antique possessives.
Those who exhibited insane behavior were harshly treated; "one has to abandon immediately any romantic notion" of the insane "being permitted to gambol on the village green or ruminate idly in the shade of the oak tree," according to Shorter.