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Ruminants fed varying levels of roughage and concentrate may not follow a similar trend, as shown in sheep (Exp 3) that ruminated more during the day than at night when given increasing levels of LH.
[USA], Oct 31( ANI ): American singer-actor Jennifer Lopez recently ruminated on how dating in Hollywood has changed since the dawn of social media and also opened up about her relationships.
The variables cuds ruminated per day (CRD), chewing speed (CS), time per rumination chew (TRCh), and rumination chews per day (RChD) were calculated by the equations described below:
Xiao examines the emergence of the crowd--particularly the political crowd--in early 20th-century China as a contested yet generative trope through which Chinese thinkers and writers ruminated on the question of selfhood and advanced competing models of enlightenment and revolution.
Meanwhile, the Treasury's top mandarin, permanent secretary Sir Nicholas Macpherson, coolly ruminated about the economic experiment of the Scottish move.
The finding resonated with readers, who ruminated on the benefits of jotting things down.
Readers who are studying about a specific time period would benefit from the perspective of a character affected by laws of segregation, as well as the thoughts that are not spoken aloud but ruminated upon while being beaten for simply being black.
I ruminated as I made my way through that particular doorway and thought: "Does this mean I'm on my way out?" Then again, perhaps it's just a case of a black sense of humour.