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The time per period on other activities (TOP) had a negative correlation with the variations in body weight (Table 4), because the longer animals stay on other activities, the shorter will be the time used to feed and ruminate.
of Pennsylvania) had to deal with a paucity of material left behind by Fontaine, and ruminates on how this reflects upon the legacy of this educator.
In an insightful commentary, the author ruminates on the dilemmas of coaching in the context of high-stakes testing.
WHILE brother Collins ruminates on mother-love, partisan dogma and a somewhat tasteless celestial fantasy, let's consider more realistically the other side of the story which, whether through naivety or design, he elects to omit.
It's a marvelous movie that manages to make you laugh and break your heart all at once as it breezily ruminates on youth and mortality, beauty and brittleness.
She describes what we are seeing in real time, speculating on how the car got there; explains that "it's going to be shown in the art fair, in Basel" and what exactly an art fair is; ruminates on whether or not the image is "real" before deciding it is digitally constructed; and even selects a track from a CD as part of a potential musical sound track for the video.
You're gay and you're happy and you have a lover, and then you say, 'I want to have children,'" he ruminates.
Just as she existentially anthropomorphizes the mouse and empathizes with its maternal responsibilities, she ruminates on the question of the commonalties and differences between a dead chicken and a dead man, thus investing a sort of shared humanity between the two: "And yet the chicken was a sort of person, a respectable individual, with its own kind of dignity.
TV's penchant for overwhelming trivia seems fatal as he constantly ruminates over data such as John Hinckley JR's Eros fixation, the meaning of VSOP on Privilege Hennessey bottles, and the whereabouts of the pater-familias of Hubba Hideaway.
In this memoir, Tyson ruminates on what led him to pursue astrophysics, the role of mentors who helped him during his days as a student at the Bronx High School of science and his undergraduate years at Harvard, and the life lessons his career has afforded him.
Neumeier ruminates on scholarly mysteries surrounding historical figures in his ballets, as in Nijinsky, in which he explores Romola Nijinsky as both a sustaining and fatally destructive force in her husband's life.
The Holy Spirit ruminates within and about us with sighs too deep for words.