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The time per period on other activities (TOP) had a negative correlation with the variations in body weight (Table 4), because the longer animals stay on other activities, the shorter will be the time used to feed and ruminate. According to National Research Council (National Research Council [NRC], 2001) an increase in body weight elevates the nutritional requirements for the same weight gain.
The poem escalates into the girls being pelted with gravel and salt, and finally ruminates on the similarities between the park's "protectors" and sinister events that were happening simultaneously across the ocean in Germany.
"I'm born on Christmas Day so it was inevitable that I'd come up with a Christmas song about Christmas babies and what a raw deal we get, especially from friends who usually forget," she ruminates. "I've also decided to give 10p from each sale to the NSPCC."
During Tehran's 2009 post-election mayhem, she told me, "I was just in front of my computer, crying day in and day out." In our chat at, she ruminates on the idiocy of dictators and GOP hawks, Janet Jackson's "cute" nipple, and why Barman is hot.
Her series ruminates about newspapers, particle relationships and the information age.
In it, 18-year-old bisexual Helen is hospitalized after a shaving accident, and while there she ruminates on her body and its exploits in graphic and unsettling ways.
David Charters ruminates on how growing children can manage to overcome any challenge offered by modern technology, but still can't get up in the morning