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Feeding behavior: time spent feeding (Feeding), ruminating (Rumination), and performing other activities (Other activities); total chewing time (TCT); number of feeding periods (NFP), rumination periods (NRP), and periods performing other activities (NOP); time per feeding period (TFP), per rumination period (TRP), and per period performing other activities (TOP); number of chews per ruminated bolus (RChC); chewing speed (ChS); time per chew (ChT); number of rumination chews per day (RChD); number of cuds ruminated per day (CRD); feed efficiency of dry matter ([FE.
But ruminating re-triggers all those same emotions--shame, sadness, anger--over and over.
Lyrically, Iggy is on form, ruminating on his own fame with the refrain, "I've nothing, but my name" on American Valhalla, while the foul-mouthed rant that closes the album would be an apt way for the 68-year-old to sign off from music entirely.
But you've changed my life for the better," Diamond could have easily been ruminating about his high school days.
Most likely he will be sitting at a desk and ruminating on Shakespeare's staying power and his far-ranging influence on the theatre.
I find myself ruminating on which incumbent, him or Bill Clinton, did more damage to Presidential prestige.
Balch (1971) also reported that eating, ruminating and total chewing time of the straw was longer than other hay, silage and concentrate.
Ruminating on her experience led illustrator Colleen Clark to think about relationships of women with their breasts as a whole, especially during adolescence.
This time Jo Whitby (aka LMMC) is ruminating over the injustices inherent in having your birthday on Christmas Day.
Stunning lensing and a deep respect for the stories of coastal Kenyans leave auds pleasantly ruminating on a world touched by magic long after the final credits roll for "Wavumba: They Who Smell of Fish.
Although participants reported spending about 47 percent of their time with their thoughts drifting away from what they were doing, they said they felt happiest when they were focusing on a task instead of worrying about the future, ruminating about past events, or planning activities--even when their wandering thoughts were pleasant.
I WAS ruminating on educational standards whilst in a traffic jam last week, when I discovered the cause of the jam was schools disgorging pupils at 3pm.