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Rumination about one's responsibility for committing a hurtful transgression can go beyond honest engagement with it and become a process of negative wallowing.
It makes sense that non-productive ruminations would engage default-mode networks in the brain as these systems enable the brain to 'idle' when humans are not focused on specific tasks," said Dr.
He has since been inspired to write three books: Ruminations on College Life (Simon & Schuster; 2002), Ruminations on Twentysomething Life (Simon & Schuster; 2005) and his most recent book, I'm Having More Fun Than You (HarperCollins; 2009).
teaching the client effective ways to make distinctions between useful analysis and useless ruminations, compartmentalize various aspects of experience, develop better coping skills, develop more effective decision-making strategies, and develop good behavioral and thought habits regarding sleep) and therefore is indicated when the client has an identifiable pattern of rumination that negatively affects his or her ability to fall or stay asleep.
Well, maybe they caught it long ago, when the Republican Congressional sweep of '94 sent Bill Clinton into long policy ruminations on school uniforms and midnight basketball.
And here is a reward for yourself after the Xmas break when you swore that those dark ruminations about possible fates for your aged relatives-in-law--and your wife's children by her first marriage would never cross your mind ever again.
These give real-life grit and traction to his ruminations on the season of winter and the dark times of any soul--and to his message, which is simple: Be open.
gorgeous photography and some organic ruminations on a vanishing way of life in ``The Cave of the Yellow Dog,'' Byambasuren Davaa's follow-up to her 2004 film, ``The Story of the Weeping Camel.
As the country looks to reinvigorate its economy, the effects of Japan's shifting demography--the plummeting birth rate and rapidly aging population--have been the subject of an increasing number of ruminations.
But adopting Victoria gave her occasion to add another layer to her ruminations.
Language use spans the gamut from vulgar curses to ordinary conversation to intricate and complex ruminations.