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Masculinity is positively associated with problem-focused and distractive coping, and negatively related to ruminative coping.
Kennedy says, "I have subtitled this book |Essays and Meditations' because most of the essayists have fallen under the spell of the New Orleans atmosphere and written in a ruminative, speculative way about the authors whom they are considering" (p.
A more ambiguous novel concerning the differences between the Old and New worlds is Din stund pajorden (1963; translated as A Time on Earth , 1965), which is far more ruminative than his earlier work.
Ignited in part by reading Proust's In Search of Lost Time, which first began appearing in English translation in that fateful year as well, Woolf started writing her luminous, ruminative Mrs.
Ruth, Debbie and the rest of the diverse wrestling troupe personify the struggling Western women of the era-their problems calculatingly mined for laughs and, in some of the ruminative scenes, tears.
Right: A collection of tesbih (prayer beads) used for ruminative prayer will be displayed at the QM exhibition.
Brozovich and Heimberg (2008) suggested that highly ruminative individuals have a negative self-image and negative memories about traumatic life events; these individuals constantly recall negative life events and are, thus, more anxious.
Ruminative Responses Scale (RRS; Treynor, Gonzalez, & Nolen-Hoeksema, 2003).
yuSTANBUL (CyuHAN)- An academic has filed a complaint against Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, whose richly ruminative Chekhovian drama "KyyE- Uykusu" (Winter Sleep) was awarded the Palme d'Or in May at the 67th Cannes International Film Festival, over scenes in the award-winning movie that the academic believes depicts animal cruelty.
The soloist's mellow, thoughtful tones and ruminative lines brought many gorgeous, heart-stopping moments, delicate interactions with Curtis' alert orchestra wafting us into the realms of chamber-music - which the outer offerings had deliberately set out to eschew
Recent research has considered depressive rumination as consisting of two components--brooding and reflection--which was first conceptualized in the Ruminative Responses Scale (RRS; Treynor, Gonzalez, & Nolen-Hoeksema, 2003).
A pair of newly published biographical studies, the affectionate and scabrously judgmental Breakfast With Lucian: A Portrait of the Artist, by journalist Geordie Greig and the beautifully ruminative Man With a Blue Scarf, by art critic Martin Gayford offer up a rounded view of an extraordinary and closely guarded life: Born in 1922, into the family of architect Ernest Freudthe youngest son of Sigmundin the upscale Tiergarten district of Berlin, he was taken to London at the age of 10 by his family in 1933, as the death knell of the Weimer Republic rang.