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For one, unlike the quick, informational nature of digital reading, the printed page offers the opportunity for a more ruminative, synthetic absorption of the author's words and thoughts.
Ruminative rightie--our intuitive, creative, big-picture side--is reacting to this content with emotion, questions and flash inspirations on how the information can be utilized in your life.
Between classes at the school's prestigious Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, where she's learning about the future of music technology from some of its most influential engineers, Herndon is making deeply ruminative and immediately sensual electronic music that's driven by the human voice.
So how can we still be interested in a man who spent his days moving some bottles and bowls around on a studio table in order to paint them over and over again, and who often made his landscape paintings by observing the view from an open window rather than venturing outside to taste the air whose very movements he could so ably evoke with his ruminative little flickers of paint?
It features a curious installation delving into the heart-stopping history of Mohammad's statues, alongside a ruminative, achingly lonely series of photographs mounted on light boxes by the artist Tarek al-Ghoussein.
Perhaps her grandson, with familial modesty, unwittingly does her a disservice by revealing her concerns: I expected an inward-looking, ruminative meditation on the after-math of conflict.
All the key figures are torn by doubt, including Ron Stone's ruminative, dynamic take on Pontius Pilate.
This time out brass and string flourishes gild their ruminative, trancelike euphoric songs, adding another velvety layer to their well-swaddled dreamy sound.
He took a ruminative drink from his pint and said: "I think I might go and bring her back.
The filmmaker who turned martial arts into a poetic blockbuster for Western audiences with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and made gay cowboys mainstream fare with Brokeback Mountain has crafted one of the finest entries in his eclectic resume in Life of Pi, a gorgeous, ruminative film that is soulfully, provocatively entertaining.
The Ruminative subscale of the Responses to Intrusions Questionnaire (Clohessy & Ehlers, 1999) measures the first type of rumination about intrusions.
His imaginings are discursive, ruminative, powered by a tireless curiosity.