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Ruminator Books has been in financial trouble most of 2003, in November they held an online auction of memorabilia donated by authors that attracted bids of up to USD500 per item, which raised enough money for the store to pay its rent, reports Publishers Weekly.
The back wall of Ruminator Books' Open Book location is saturated with the conservative ideologies of fellow tenants Milkweed and the Loft.
WORCESTER -- Women aren't cows, but many are master ruminators.
The vaccine can prevent the FMD in the livestock and ruminators which are killed by the disease every year; of course, some changes are witnessed in these viruses every year and we have produced a new type of vaccine after sampling the new virus," Qadakchi told reporters in Tehran in June.
At the eight-month follow up period, high ruminators actually reported the least distress in the control condition, suggesting that control writing for these people may actually be the beneficial thing," Sbarra said.
It could give ruminators another thing to worry about, and could increase anxiety rather than alleviate it.
Why ruminators are poor problem solvers: clues from the phenomenology of dysphoric rumination.